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Classroom materials - I developed Industrial Technology Illustrated for a high school IT course. It serves as a reference, shop guide, project development notebook and study aid. The concept, writing, layout and some of the graphics are my own creation. Most of the illustrations are freely available for education use and the cartoons were provided by the author.
Overview in PowerPoint

Instructional movie - A software tutorial with voiceover developed in Captivate for LeapFrog. Our team developed this piece of animation to enhance the learning experience over our paper version of this lesson. I did the voiceover, a major portion of the writing, and I collaborated on the animation. view the swf file

Job aid - Resizing Images Movie - A Photoshop lesson I created using Macromedia Captivate.

Department website - ITEC 601 Online - A prototype developed for a blended learning course introducing teachers to the use of technology. This website provides online support of instructor-lead classes. The Flash animation, hand-coded HTML, page layout, design and navigation are my work, as is some of the original content (see Legal and Ethical Issues Pertaining to Use of the Internet).

Technical curriculum - W.I.R.E. (Websites as Informational Resources in Education) instructs teachers to build and use websites. It also includes train-the-trainer materials. Co-authored with Ken Wischmeyer.
Middle School Web Development
- overview in PowerPoint.
Design documentation - in PDF format.

Blended instructional materials - Guitar Education Through Applied Resources (G.E.T.A.R.) is a concept I developed for a workbook and website to assist guitarist in using online resources.
G.E.T.A.R. - overview in PowerPoint
* documentation - full design document in PDF format.

Flash presentation - Walter Landor - The Flash animation and HTML are my work. Co-authored with Ken Wischmeyer.

Engaging instruction - Bullfrog in California - A biology lesson I created in HTML and Flash.

Online resource -
Gestalt Laws & Principles
- An online resource I created in HTML and Flash to support a college course in education.
* documentation - full design document in PDF format.

Study Guide -
Learning Perspectives - A simple interactive study guide and quiz I built in HTML and Flash.

Commercial and personal websites I have designed

P. Christopher Faust
Master of Arts in Education / Instructional Technologies

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