Practice Electra
by Megan Slankard
from: Lady is a Pirate

capo: 7
chords relative to capo

G    G

         C                C
He said, practice Electra
                      G         G
You might need me someday
           C                                     C
Though the wind blows your hair, tugs you around
                 G        G
I know you won't blow away
        C                C
Yes, my name is Electra
               G         G
And I'm a talk-aholic
      C                                 C        
But I get kinda quiet on days when I'm feeling
            G            G
Especially sad or melancholic

             Em                   Bm/F#
He said, practice laughing at my jokes
               C/G            Am7      
They don't all make you cringe
Em                     D/F#
Practice crying when I leave you
       G                   Am7
It'll give me something to drown in

         C                     C
He said, c'mon an' smile at me
                       Em         Em
Don't treat me like an invader
         C                     C
Practice, Electra
                   G          G
You might need me later

Yes, my name is Electra
And I check my e-mail every fifteen minutes
But I never go to rambunctious parties
'Cause I have my limits
He said, practice, Electra
You might need me later
You've tried to say goodbye, goodbye
But you just say see ya later alligator

He said, practice smiling when I love you
It doesn't seem right when you're smirking
Practice asking for reasons
When you feel this ain't working

Oh c'mon Electra, don't treat me like an invader
C'mon and smile at me, don't treat me like that invader
Yes, my name is Electra, and who knows, I might need you later

***This represents my own interpretation of the music. 
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