Haven't Been Down
by Megan Slankard
from: Lady is a Pirate

capo 4

G   	3x0033
G7 	3x3033
G6  	3x2033
G/Bb  	x10033
G/C  	x30033
Gsus4   3x0013

G     G7  G6     G/Bb  G/C   G

These [G]walls are [G7]'specially [G6]thin
I [G]guess I [G7]paid for the [G6]room that I'm in
Hear the [G]neighbors [G7]fight in the [G6]hall
[G]Turn up this [G7]song 'til someone [G6]bangs on the wall
[G/Bb]“Hey![G/C] cut that [G]out!” [G/Bb]
“hey![G/C] turn that [G]down!”


[G]So what's up? [G7]how's it goin'? what's been [G6]happening my man? yo!”
But [G]what I really [G7]meant to say was [G6]just “hello”
I said, [G]“things been good, [G7]things been great, I've been [G6]having a good time!”
When you [G]asked me how I [G7]was [G6]actually I'm fine
I [G/Bb]have not[G/C]  been [G]down
I [G/Bb]have not been [G/C]down I have not been [G]down

The [G]train goes [G7]by this [G6]complex
At a [G]quarter to [G7]four and a [G6]quarter to six
I [G]guess I'm just [G7]sluggish [G6]tonight
I [G]slept through the [G7]rain, the [G6]alarm, and the neighbors' fights
I [G/Bb]have not [G/C]_ heard a [G]sound

Either [G/Bb]someone's out there wash-[G/C]ing their [G]car
Or I [G/Bb]hope it isn't rain-[G/C]ing too [G]hard


I've got a [G]plastic [G7]plant in my [G6]room
They don't [G]let you have [G7]real ones 'cause I [G6]guess they pollute
I really [G]love this [G7]cool time of [G6]year
I really [G]wish you'd [G7]wish you were [G6]here

Either [G/Bb]someone's out there sing-[G/C]ing in the [G]rain
Or they're [G/Bb]taking a bath while gett-[G/C]ing air [G]play
Either [G/Bb]someone's out there smiling [G/C]_ or the sun's out [G]there
Either you [G/Bb]folks bought me a [G/C]new car or the [G]rain washed it and you don't care [Gsus4]_

When I [G]wake I [G7]guess I'll call [G6]sick and play hurt
It's too [G]perfectly fine [G7]morning to [G6]waste at work
I don't [G]like to [G7]complain but [G6]these are the facts
I'd [G]rather eat [G7]spam than [G6]pay the tax

I [G/Bb]have not[G/C]_  been down [G]_
[G/Bb]I have not  been down [G/C]have not  been down [G]_
[G/Bb]I have had a little luck [G/C] a little luck [G]_
[G7]have not, [G6]have not, I [G/Bb]have not been [G/c]down. . .
I just have not been [G]up 

***This represents my own interpretation of the music. 
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