Fly Now
by Megan Slankard
from: Lady is a Pirate

{title:Megan Slankard}
{subtitle:Fly Now}  

capo 1st 

E     022100           
Esus2 022102            
Esus4 022200
Eadd9 024100 
D9    xx0230
D9/F# 2x0230 

relative to capo
 D9            F#m            A          Esus2 E Esus2 E

It's [D]still kinda early to [F#m]watch the sun go rising any[A]way
Even if it rises     [D]this time everyday
It's [F#m]still kinda early to [A]watch the engine spit and cough
And [D]heaven knows this plane might not [F#m]even take off[A] [A]
I [D9/F#]would have written sooner, my [F#m]pen is on the paper
But I [A]just couldn't decide how to end it
So I [D]think I'll do it later
I [F#m]know I might have hurt you
But I [A]know that you're still young
And I [D]hope that you'll forgive me
Even if you have to tug the [F#m]air into your lungs   [A]hard   [A]

So I [C#m]talk to myself like every [E/B]normal man
In the [A]state of confusion
Feel the [F#m]wrath of my own reprimands
And I [C#m]cry to myself like every [E/B]normal baby
It [A]helps me get to sleep and get a [F#m]“yes” or “no” from [F#m]“maybe”

So I say [E*]fly now 
or climb [F#m]down 
or ride [A]on 
or go on [E*]home

E* = Esus4 - E - Eadd9 - E   (-a--g#--f#--e rundown)

[D]I took my favorite CDs an[F#m]d everything that's golden
[A]In other words 14 dollars and  [D]that apple I had stolen
[F#m]I really had no idea [A]this tomorrow's a full year ago
[D]Time flies like an arrow but sometimes  [F#m]   arrows fly so sl-ow[A]-ly  [A]
[D/F#]You know that I'm no angel
[F#m]But a perfect fool when it gets down
[A]And too bad I can't get paid for that
[D]'Cause I'd be a millionaire by now
[F#m]I rack my brain out endlessly [A]not heeding the decoys
[D]But still every now and then I [F#m]still have to flip a [A]coin  [A]
[C#m]So I lie to myself like e[E/B]very normal woman
[A]When I'm feeling insecure
[F#m]When I feel like nothing's going on
[C#m]And I laugh at myself like [E/B]every normal child
[A]When I'm scared to the core [F#m]or if I feeling kinda wild

[E]So I say fly now [F#m]or climb down [A]or ride on [E]or go on home
[E]Bye now or [F#m]hey now or [A]you now or [E]no one

[C#m]So I smile to myself like [E/B]every normal human
[A]When I think I've decided
[F#m]That nothing can be [F#m]ruined

E*                 F#m      A                   Esus4
So I say fly now, and climb down,       Right on,  Go on run 

***This represents my own interpretation of the music. 
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