Damn You
by Megan Slankard
from: Lady is a Pirate

drop D tuning DADGBE

Dm  0007760
Bb  x03330
F   333211
C   x32010

Dm   Bb   F   C

[Dm]First of all, he said, what [Bb]is this?
Are you [F]trying to make my heart beat faster
Or [C]are you trying to stop it?

[Dm]I pretend I do not [Bb]know
[F]Maybe you talk too fast

Or [C]maybe it's just too slow

[Dm]What in the world, I said, do [Bb]you do?

[F]First you say, 'take it all'

(Then you say there's) [C]nothing left for you

[Bb]Tonight tonight night [C]night night night night night
Nothing [Bb]tonight tonight night [C]night night night night night

Dm   Bb   F   C

Then he sighed like every night
You always treat me good
But you just never treat me right

Don't get me wrong, I hope you know
You can stick around
As long as you never ever go 

[Bb]Please drop me a line [C]

[Bb]Tune in tonight [C]
[F]Da---[Bb]mn, [F]I love, I love your [Bb]life
[F]Da---[Bb]mn [F]you, I love your [Bb]lies  (sometimes) 

It's funny how you get so mad
You just cannot stand me
But I'm really not that bad
And some days between two and four
I might broadcast my love
Right to your door

So tune in tonight
I'll drop you a line
I'll drop you a line
Drop you a line
Damn, I love, I love your eyes
Damn you, I love your lies sometimes

***This represents my own interpretation of the music. 
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- Chris Faust