A Token of the Wreckage
Megan Slankard
from: A Token of the Wreckage

capo 5th - chords and leads relative to capo

intro: ringing C tone

[C]That's a wrap. Was it half [Em]bad? Get me to off to bed, 

I think I'm dying [Fmaj]slightly, after a day like [C]that.

[C]It always starts out dark, sun started to [Em]bark 

My head stabs like a fork. Nothing much [Fmaj]forgiving 
about the way that we [C]are.

And though I've got a [Fmaj]heart hanging out by the [Cmaj]door,
I got [Fmaj]grace hanging in the [Em]mirror.
And I got [Fmaj]you,  I've got [D]you,
I've got [F]you -  a little [G]souvenir:  (tacit)
a token of the [Fmaj]wreckage.  [Em]   [Am]   [Cmaj]


[C]We don't argue; we're tired of  that [Em]too. 

Spoons clink in our soup. World-weary so [Fmaj]young,

it probably means that we're [C]doomed.

[C]You say nothing to me. In return I forget how to [Em]speak - 

an admission of defeat. We're fair game for [Fmaj]all,

[C]Who want a piece of our [G]dreams.

Chorus into lead 


[G]I  I - I -I -  [F]I   

might be inclined to [Am]say
you're quite the [C]quandary.

And [G]I keep thinking, maybe that's my problem.

Just stop thinking. Jump on it, step on it, tread on it, stomp on it[F]
Foolish to [Am]believe that I can't be [C]foolish. 
My [G]head spins it won't stop, I wish it would just shut up. Please stop, please stop. (tacit)

Like I said


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