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Keyboard Stickers  

More Color Choices for Your Keyboard
Keyboard Stickers from

Every Set Fits Either Desktop or Laptop Keyboards

Widest Selection of Languages and Colors
Over 50 Colors     View Color Chart

Renew computer keyboard keys where the ink has worn off
Convert your computer keyboard from one language to another
Add a second language to your keyboard

Free Shipping · No Handling Charges

Single Language Stickers - in solid color - Add a new language, a new layout, or replace worn keyboard keys. $9.95   

Bilingual Stickers - in solid color - Cover your keys to easily switch back and forth between two languages. $12.95

Trilingual Stickers - in solid color - Cover your keys to easily switch back and forth between three languages. $15.95

Clear Add-Ons - clear stickers - Keep your key color while adding a second language. $9.95

** See a side by side comparison of Single Language, Bilingual and Clear Add-On Stickers

English Stickers - in solid or clear - US, UK, International, Dvorak, Diacritics, Lower Case, Upper&lower Case, Extended, Super-Extended. $9.95

LARGE PRINT Stickers - in solid color - Big, high contrast letters improve the readability of your keyboard. $15.95

Black Key Stickers - in solid or clear - Match your key color with WHITE INK ON BLACK STICKERS or add to your keys with white ink on clear stickers. $9.95

African Stickers - in solid or clear - Enable one keyboard to type all of the predominant languages used within selected African countries. $9.95

Renewal Sheets - in solid color - The print on keys can wear away. Renew one keyboard or a fleet of them. We have packages to make this easier and less expensive. $12.95

Blank Keyboard Stickers - in solid or clear - Protect the letters from wearing off on your keys with clear blank stickers. Cover up the letters with solid colorful blank stickers for true touch typing. $4.95

International Keys (Command & Function Keys) - in solid color - add international symbols or text $4.95

Numberpad Key Stickers - in solid color $3.95

Stickers are available in all 53 Colors

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