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Single Language Keyboard Stickers  

More Color Choices for Your Keyboard

Any Single Language
Widest Selection of Languages and Colors

Over 50 Colors     View Color Chart

View and Purchase Languages and Layouts

You can create a new keyboard in minutes. Just peel off the stickers and put them on the keys following the layout diagram.

We make our stickers from durable, outdoor cast vinyl. The printing is very clear and high-resolution. To finish, we laminate the stickers so the ink can never wear off.
You may also select these custom features to make your own unique keyboard:

Blue Keyboard Stickers     Dove Gray Keyboard Stickers     Vibrant Green Keyboard Stickers     Light Ash Gray Keyboard Stickers     Orange Keyboard Stickers     Black Keyboard Stickers

We offer all of the languages available in the Windows operating system, and hundreds more besides. If you select a language that is not supported by Windows, we automatically provide the keyboard driver software you need FREE OF CHARGE.
Click here to see the languages we offer and view keyboard layouts

Many laptop computers now support numberpad functions. The characters for this are usually in the top right corner of certain keys and printed in a second color. Our single language stickers come in either standard desktop or laptop editions.
Click here to see examples of desktop and laptop single language stickers

Most keyboards have touch-typing guides on the F and J keys. We cut our stickers for these keys to match the most common styles.
Click here to see your choices for these two keys

Most keytops measure 16/32" wide x 18/32" high (12.7 mm x 14.7 mm). Laptop keys are usually a bit larger. Our stickers are 13/32" wide x 16/32" high (10.2 mm x 12.7 mm). They fit almost all keyboards. If you need any other size, just ask!

You can order stickers in over 50 different colors. Print out the color table and compare it to your keyboard. Then decide which color is the best for you. The ink color we use with each sticker color is shown in the color table. When you order, YOU WILL BE SELECTING THE STICKER COLOR ONLY.
Over 50 Colors
click here to view a larger, more detailed color chart

Single Language Stickers

Desktop Style more info
  $9.95   Free shipping and handling
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Laptop Style more info
  $10.95   Free shipping and handling
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DURABLE -- Printed on a rugged cast vinyl material, these stickers are far more durable than any of their paper counterparts.
COLOR COMPATIBILITY -- The base material is available is over 50 colors, insuring a compatible match with any keyboard.
EASY APPLICATION -- The sticker template matches the keyboard layout for easy application--just peel off the gummed stickers and sequentially apply them to the keys.
PERMANENT ADHESIVE -- The so-called "gum" on the back of the stickers is a permanent, thermosetting resin that briefly allows for easy adjustment of the sticker on the key and then sets for secure, permanent attachment.
ROUNDED CORNERS -- The stickers have rounded corners to prevent peeling or loose edges.
THERMAL PRINTING -- Printed with a thermal process to permanently bind ink to the cast vinyl surface to avoid smearing, cracking or fading.
VECTOR GRAPHICS --Images are high-quality vector graphics that capture fine details for a sharp and easy-to-view appearance.
HIGH RESOLUTION -- Images printed at 1200 dpi for crisp definition and easy identification of the text.
LANGUAGES COVERED -- Available in over 100 languages. If you don't see the language you need on the list, please request it.
CUSTOMIZATION -- If you want something other than what we offer here, tell us about your needs and we will contact you about a custom solution. Click here
KEYBOARD DRIVERS -- Our products work with ANY operating system's language capabilities. For languages not supported by Microsoft operating systems, we include keyboard software for Windows 95/98/2000/XP.


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