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See Products and Keyboard Layouts by Language -- Organized by Region or Writing System
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Single Language Stickers, Covers & Keyboards
Language/Layout Name

A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z  
abaza keyboard
abenaki [use english keyboard]
abidji keyboard
abxaz keyboard
acholi keyboard
adangme [see dangme keyboard]
adioukrou keyboard
adja keyboard
adyge keyboard
african keyboard (sil)
afrikaans keyboard
agni sanvi keyboard
aguacateco keyboard
agul keyboard
ahlo keyboard
aja keyboard
akan keyboard
akateko [see mayan unified alphabet keyboard]
akoose keyboard
albanian keyboard
altai keyboard
ambulas keyboard
amharic keyboard
ana [see ife keyboard)
angas keyboard
anglosaxon keyboard
anufo keyboard
apalai keyboard
arabic 101 keyboard
arabic 102 keyboard
arabic 102 azerty keyboard
arabic keyboard (qwerty)
aramaic keyboard
archi keyboard
armenian eastern keyboard
armenian western keyboard
aromanian keyboard
assamese keyboard
asturian keyboard
avar keyboard
avestan keyboard
avokaya keyboard
awakateko [see mayan unified alphabet keyboard]
axvax keyboard
ayizo keyboard
azeri keyboard (arabic)
azeri cyrillic keyboard
azeri latin keyboard
babine keyboard
babungo keyboard
bafut keyboard
bagulal keyboard
baka keyboard
bakoosi [see akoose keyboard]
balkar [use russian keyboard]
BALTIC keyboard
bambara keyboard
banda keyboard
bandi keyboard
baoule keyboard
bariba keyboard
basaa keyboard
bashkir keyboard
basque keyboard
bassa keyboard (latin)
bassa keyboard (indigenous)
bassar keyboard
batak keyboard (karo)
batak keyboard (mandailing)
batak keyboard (pakpak)
batak keyboard (simalungun)
batak keyboard (toba)
bats keyboard
bekwarra [use english keyboard]
belarusian keyboard
belgian french keyboard
bella coola keyboard
beng keyboard
bengali keyboard
BENIN keyboard
berber keyboard (arabic)
berber keyboard (tifinagh)
berom keyboard
bete keyboard
bezhta keyboard
bhele keyboard
biali keyboard
bimoba keyboard
bini [see edo keyboard)
bisa keyboard
bobo keyboard
boko [see boussa keyboard)
bosnian keyboard
bozo keyboard
brahmi keyboard
brahui keyboard
brazilian portuguese keyboard
breton keyboard
budux keyboard
bugis keyboard
buhid keyboard
bulgarian cyrillic keyboard
bulu keyboard
CAMEROON keyboard
canadian french keyboard
canadian french legacy keyboard
canadian multilingual keyboard
carib keyboard
carrier keyboard
cashibo keyboard
catalan keyboard
CAUCASIAN keyboard
cayuga keyboard
CELTIC keyboard
cerma keyboard
CHAD keyboard
cham keyboard (cambodia)
cham keyboard (vietnam)
chechen keyboard (cyrillic)
chechen keyboard (latin)
cherokee keyboard
cheyenne keyboard
chinanteco keyboard
chinese 3-ime keyboard
chinese cangjie keyboard
chinese keyboard (dayi)
chinese zhuyin keyboard
chipwyan keyboard
ch'orti' [see mayan unified alphabet keyboard]
chuang keyboard
chuj [see mayan unified alphabet keyboard]
chukchi keyboard
chumburung keyboard
chuvash keyboard
cibalke keyboard
cicopi keyboard
cinyanja keyboard
cinyungue keyboard
cisena keyboard
cishingini keyboard
ciyao keyboard
CONGO KEYBOARD (Brazzeville)
coptic keyboard
cornish keyboard
cree western r y-dot keyboard
cree western r keyboard
cree western y-dot keyboard
croatian keyboard
cubeo keyboard
czech keyboard
czech programmers keyboard
czech qwerty keyboard
daba keyboard
dagare keyboard
dagbani keyboard
dagera keyboard
dakelh keyboard
dan keyboard
dangme keyboard
danish keyboard
dargwa keyboard
dari keyboard
daza keyboard
deg [see mo keyboard]
degema keyboard
dendi keyboard
deseret keyboard
devanagari keyboard]
dholuo keyboard
diacritics keyboard
dida keyboard
dinka keyboard
diola [see joola keyboard]
dioula keyboard
ditammari keyboard
ditidat keyboard
divehi phonetic keyboard
divehi typewriter keyboard
djerma [see zarma keyboard]
doayo keyboard
dogon keyboard
dogrib keyboard
dompago [see lokpa keyboard]
duala keyboard
dungan keyboard
duruma keyboard
dutch keyboard
ebira keyboard
echuwabo keyboard
edo keyboard
ejagham keyboard
emai keyboard
emakhuwa [use english keyboard]
engenni keyboard
english keyboard (uk)
english keyboard (us)
english keyboard (intl)
english keyboard (extended)
english keyboard (super-extended)
english keyboard (lower case)
english keyboard (upper/lowercase)
erzya keyboard
esperanto keyboard
estonian keyboard
ethiopic [see amharic keyboard]
etruscan keyboard
even keyboard
evenki keyboard
ewe keyboard
ewondo keyboard
ezaa keyboard
faroese keyboard
farsi keyboard
fe'efe’e keyboard
finnish keyboard
fon keyboard
french keyboard
french keyboard (belgian)
french keyboard (canadian)
french keyboard (swiss)
frisian keyboard
friulian keyboard
fula [see fulfulde keyboard]
fulfulde keyboard
fuliru [use english keyboard]
futhark keyboard
ga keyboard
gaelic keyboard
gagauz keyboard (cyrillic)
gagauz keyboard (latin)
galician keyboard
gangam keyboard
gbaya keyboard
gen-mina [see mina keyboard]
georgian keyboard
german keyboard
german keyboard (ibm)
german keyboard (swiss)
GERMANIC keyboard
GHANA keyboard
giksan keyboard
gikuyu [see kikuyu keyboard)
gitonga keyboard
glagolitic keyboard
godie keyboard
godoberi keyboard
gothic keyboard
gouin [see cerma keyboard]
gourma [see gulmancema keyboard]
grantha keyboard
grebo [use english keyboard]
greek keyboard
greek keyboard (ancient)
greek keyboard (latin)
greek keyboard (polytonic)
greek keyboard (220)
greek keyboard (220 latin)
greek keyboard (319)
greek keyboard (319 latin)
greenlandic keyboard
gude keyboard
GUINEA keyboard
gujarati keyboard
gulmancema keyboard
gun keyboard
haida keyboard
haisla keyboard
halkomelem keyboard
han keyboard
hanga keyboard
hanunoo keyboard
hausa keyboard (arabic)
hausa keyboard (latin)
hebrew keyboard
hebrew keyboard (pointed)
heilkuk keyboard
hindi keyboard
hinukh keyboard
hmar keyboard
hmong keyboard
hungarian keyboard
hungarian keyboard (101)
hunzib keyboard
ibibio keyboard
icelandic keyboard
ife keyboard
igbo keyboard
igede keyboard
igo [see ahlo keyboard)
ijo keyboard
ikwo keyboard
indonesian [use english keyboard]
ingrian keyboard
ingush keyboard
inuktitut keyboard
irish keyboard
istro-romanian keyboard
italian keyboard
italian keyboard (142)
itzaj [see mayan unified alphabet keyboard]
ixhil [see mayan unified alphabet keyboard]
izi keyboard
japanese keyboard (ime)
joola keyboard
jula [see dioula keyboard]
jur modo keyboard
kabardian keyboard
kabiye keyboard
kako keyboard
kalmyk keyboard
kambari keyboard
kannada keyboard
kanuri keyboard
kaqchikel [see mayan unified alphabet keyboard]
karaboro keyboard
karachay keyboard
karaim keyboard
karakalpak keyboard
karang keyboard
karelian keyboard
karen keyboard
kasem keyboard
kashmiri keyboard (arabic)
kashmiri keyboard (indic)
kashubian keyboard
kasim keyboard
kazakh keyboard (arabic)
kazakh keyboard (cyrillic)
KENYA keyboard
khakas keyboard
khanty keyboard
kharosthi keyboard
khinalug keyboard
khmer keyboard
khvarshi keyboard
k'ichee' [see mayan unified alphabet keyboard]
kikuyu keyboard
kimwani keyboard
kiowa keyboard
kirghiz keyboard (arabic)
kirghiz keyboard (cyrillic)
kisiei keyboard
kom keyboard
komi keyboard
komo keyboard
konkomba keyboard
koozime keyboard
korean keyboard (ime)
koryak keyboard
kotokoli [see tem keyboard]
kpelle keyboard (latin)
kresh keyboard
krio keyboard
kroumen keyboard
kumyk [use russian keyboard]
kurdish keyboard (arabic)
kurdish keyboard (cyrillic)
kurdish keyboard (latin)
kuria keyboard
kusal keyboard
kutchin keyboard
kutenai keyboard
kwakiutl keyboard
lak keyboard
lakota keyboard
lama keyboard
lamnso’ [see nso' keyboard]
lao keyboard (standard)
latin america keyboard
latin keyboard (classical)
latvian keyboard
latvian keyboard (qwerty)
laz keyboard
lele keyboard
lendu keyboard
lepcha keyboard
lezgian keyboard
LIBERIA keyboard
ligbi keyboard
lillooet keyboard
limba keyboard
limbu keyboard
limbum keyboard
linear b keyboard
lingala keyboard
lithuanian keyboard
lithuanian keyboard (ibm)
livonian keyboard
logomagooi keyboard
loko keyboard
lokpa keyboard
loron [see teen keyboard]
luo [see dholuo keyboard]
luganda [use english keyboard]
lugbara keyboard
luxemburgish keyboard
lyele keyboard
ma’di [see pandikeri keyboard]
macedonian keyboard
malay keyboard (jawi)
malay [use english keyboard]
malayalam keyboard
MALI keyboard
maltese keyboard
mam [see mayan unified alphabet keyboard]
mambila keyboard
mampruli keyboard
mande keyboard
manding keyboard
mandinka [see mande keyboard]
mangbetu keyboard
maninkakan keyboard
manipuri keyboard
mansi keyboard
manx keyboard
mao keyboard
marathi keyboard
mari keyboard
marshallese keyboard
mayan unified alphabet keyboard
mboo keyboard
megleno-romanian keyboard
meje [see mangbetu keyboard]
mekaa keyboard
membe keyboard
mende keyboard (latin)
meroitic keyboard (demotic)
meroitic keyboard (hieroglyphic)
metta keyboard
micmac keyboard
mingo keyboard
mina keyboard
minyanka keyboard
mo keyboard
moabite keyboard
mofu-gudur keyboard
mohawk [use english keyboard]
mokolle keyboard
moksha [use russian keyboard]
moldavian keyboard (cyrillic)
moldavian keyboard (latin)
mongolian keyboard (cyrillic)
mongolian keyboard (traditional)
montenegrin keyboard
moore keyboard
mopan [see mayan unified alphabet keyboard]
morisco keyboard
muan keyboard
mundani keyboard
mundu keyboard
munukutuba [use english keyboard]
murle keyboard
mwaghavul keyboard
myanmar keyboard
nabataean keyboard
nafaanra keyboard
naskapi keyboard
navaho keyboard
nawdm keyboard
nenets keyboard
nestorian keyboard
newari keyboard
ngain [see beng keyboard]
ngambai keyboard
ngas [see angas keyboard]
ngbaka keyboard
ngbandi keyboard
ngyemboon keyboard
niaboua keyboard
NIGER keyboard
NIGERIA keyboard
nishga keyboard
nivkh keyboard
nko keyboard
nogai [use russian keyboard]
nomaande keyboard
nootka keyboard
norwegian keyboard
nso' keyboard
ntcham [see bassar keyboard]
nuer keyboard
nugunu keyboard
nuni keyboard
nupe [use english keyboard]
occitan keyboard
ogham keyboard
ojibway east a-final keyboard
ojibway east i-final keyboard
ojibway west a-final keyboard
okanagan keyboard
old church slavonic keyboard
old hungarian keyboard
old permic keyboard
old persian keyboard
oneida keyboard
onondaga keyboard
oriya keyboard
osmanya keyboard
ossetian keyboard
ottoman [see turkish keyboard (ottoman)]
oweekala keyboard
pahlavi keyboard
pandikeri keyboard
parkwa [see podoko keyboard]
parthian keyboard
pashto keyboard
peul [see fulfulde keyboard]
phagspa keyboard
phoenician keyboard
pila-pila [see yom keyboard]
podoko keyboard
polish keyboard (programmers)
polish keyboard (214)
popti' [see mayan unified alphabet keyboard]
poqomam [see mayan unified alphabet keyboard]
poqomchi' [see mayan unified alphabet keyboard]
portuguese keyboard
portuguese keyboard (brazil)
pular keyboard
punjabi keyboard
q'anjob'al [see mayan unified alphabet keyboard]
q'eqchi' [see mayan unified alphabet keyboard]
raschi keyboard
rendille keyboard
ROMANCE keyboard
romani kalderash keyboard
romanian keyboard
romansch keyboard
russian keyboard
russian keyboard (qwerty)
russian keyboard (typewriter)
rutul keyboard
sabaot keyboard
sabean keyboard
sakapulteko [see mayan unified alphabet keyboard]
salish keyboard (straits)
salish keyboard (thompson)
samaritan keyboard
sami keyboard (inari)
sami keyboard (kildin)
sami keyboard (lule)
sami keyboard (northern)
sami keyboard (skolt)
sami keyboard (southern)
sango keyboard
santali keyboard
scottish keyboard
sechelt keyboard
selkup keyboard
senari [see senoufo keyboard]
seneca keyboard
SENEGAL keyboard
senoufo keyboard
serbian keyboard (cyrillic)
serbian keyboard (latin)
sereer keyboard
shan keyboard
shimakonde keyboard
shona keyboard
shuswap keyboard
sindhi keyboard (arabic)
sindhi keyboard (indic)
sinhala keyboard
sipakapense [see mayan unified alphabet keyboard]
sisaala keyboard
sissala keyboard
slavey keyboard (north)
slavey keyboard (south)
SLAVIC keyboard (LATIN)
sliammon keyboard
slovak keyboard
slovak keyboard (qwerty)
slovenian keyboard
somali (indigenous) [see osmanya keyboard]
somali (latin) [use english keyboard]
songay [see zarma keyboard]
songhoy keyboard
soninke keyboard
sorbian keyboard
soso keyboard
sousou [see soso keyboard]
sourashtra keyboard
soyombo keyboard
spanish keyboard
spanish keyboard (variation)
squamish keyboard
SUDAN keyboard
susu [see soso keyboard]
svan keyboard
swahili keyboard
swedish keyboard
swiss french keyboard
swiss german keyboard
syllheti keyboard
syriac keyboard
syriac keyboard (phonetic)
tabassaran keyboard
tagalog keyboard
tagbanwa keyboard
tai dam keyboard
tai dehong keyboard
tai lue keyboard
tajiki keyboard
tamajaq [see tamasheq keyboard]
tamasheq keyboard (latin)
tamazight [see berber keyboard]
tamil keyboard
tarok keyboard
tatar keyboard (baraba)
tatar keyboard (crimean arabic)
tatar keyboard (crimean cyrillic) [use russian keyboard]
tatar keyboard (kazan cyrillic)
tatar keyboard (kazan latin)
tati [use russian keyboard]
tchokossi [see anufo keyboard]
teda keyboard
teen keyboard
teko [see mayan unified alphabet keyboard]
telugu keyboard
tem keyboard
temne keyboard
teso keyboard
thai keyboard (kedmanee)
thai keyboard (pattachote)
tibetan keyboard (bod-yig)
tibetan keyboard (dzongkha 102)
tifinagh [see berber keyboard]
tikar keyboard
tlingit keyboard
toffin keyboard
TOGO keyboard
toposa keyboard
toura keyboard
toussian keyboard
tsaxur keyboard
tsez keyboard
tsimshian keyboard
turkish keyboard (ottoman)
turkish keyboard (f)
turkish keyboard (q)
turkmen keyboard
tuscarora keyboard
tuvinian keyboard
tz'utujiil [see mayan unified alphabet keyboard]
ubyx keyboard
udi keyboard
udmurt keyboard
UGANDA keyboard
ugaritic keyboard
uighur keyboard (arabic)
uighur keyboard (cyrillic)
uighur keyboard (latin)
ukrainian keyboard
urdu keyboard
uspanteko [see mayan unified alphabet keyboard]
uzbek keyboard (arabic)
uzbek keyboard (cyrillic)
vagala keyboard
vah [see bassa keyboard (indigenous)]
vepsian keyboard
vietnamese keyboard
votic keyboard
vute keyboard
waama keyboard
walloon keyboard
wan keyboard
welsh keyboard
wobe keyboard
wolof keyboard
xinalug (see khinalug keyboard]
xironga keyboard
xishuang (see tai lue keyboard)
xitshwa keyboard
xitsonga keyboard
yacouba [see dan keyboard]
yakut keyboard
yamba keyboard
yambeta keyboard
yaoure keyboard
yemba keyboard
yiddish keyboard
yom keyboard
yoruba keyboard
yupik keyboard
zande keyboard
zarma keyboard
zulgo keyboard

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