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Language Keyboards with Stickers


Better Than Printed Keyboards !
The Letters On Our Keyboards with Stickers Are Guaranteed To Never Wear Off !

Language Keyboards with Stickers include:
1. Alphanumeric Keys in the Language and Layout of your choice
2. Command & Function and Numberpad Keys in International Symbols or in one of 5 languages (English, French, German, Italian or Spanish).

SINGLE LANGUAGE - View Languages and Layouts
BILINGUAL - View Languages and Layouts
LARGE PRINT - View Languages and Layouts

We Offer You More Choice in Keyboard Styles

    PS-2 Keyboard, Euro Style     details

    PS-2 Keyboard, US Style     details

    USB Keyboard, US Style     details

    Cordless Keyboard, US Style     details

    Mini Keyboard, US Style     details

    Folding Keyboard, US Style     details

    Backlit Keyboard, US Style     details

    USB Keyboard for Mac, US Style     details

    Wireless Keyboard for Mac, US Style     details

    Touchpad Keyboard, US Style     details

    Trackball Keyboard, US Style     details


Language Keyboard

US-Style keyboard
available in PS-2 or USB connection models

Although we will install any layout on the keyboard of your choice, some layouts are better served by Euro-Style Keyboards.

Euro Style Keyboard
available with PS-2 connection model

Note the yellow key on the layout below. Where the yellow key is blank, either a US-Style or a Euro-Style Keyboard will accommodate the layout. The wider Enter key on the US-Style Keyboard (see image above) covers the space occupied by the yellow key on the layout. Where the yellow key contains characters, a Euro-Style Keyboard is usually necessary to include those characters. Some layouts duplicate the yellow key characters on other keys.


Single Language
Large Print

  $63.00 and up

US-Style   or   Euro-Style details
   buy this item

CONSTRUCTION -- We use standard keyboards and re-label the keys with our high-quality Keyboard Stickers. For details on Keyboard Stickers Click here.

Note: Keyboards are larger and heavier and more expensive to ship than Keyboard Stickers. If cost is an important factor in your purchase, you may wish to order Stickers and apply them to your existing keyboard or one that you purchase locally.

MODELS -- We use the most affordable high-quality units available for Standard US-Style and Euro-Style models.

CUSTOMIZATION -- Upon request, we can use any keyboard as a base for the labels, with pricing adjusted accordingly. We can label all of the keys if the customer can supply the translation in the target language of the text bearing keys (Tab, CapsLock, etc.). If you want something other than what we offer here, tell us about your needs and we will contact you about a custom solution. click here

COMPATIBILITY -- Our products work with ANY operating system's language capabilities. For languages not supported by Microsoft operating systems, we include keyboard software for Windows 95/98/2000/XP.


Keytronics Model #E05366BTOPS2-C
This durable keyboard features a 104 key layout

Windows Application keys
Small footprint, space saving enclosure
Enhanced 104-key layout with large L-shaped Enter key
10 million lifecycles per switch
Center Bearing Switch technology
Cable 5 foot straight PS/2 style cable connection
2 Year warranty
Keyboard color is Beige
Manufactured in China

System Requirements:DOS, Windows 3.1 or higher, or OS/2PS/2 keyboard port or AT-style keyboard port

Agency Approvals:FCC Class B, UL, CSA

Environmental Data:
Operating temperature -- -20 to +60c
Relative humidity -- 5% to 95%
Shock -- (non-operating) -- 50 G
Vibration -- (non-operating) -- 5 to 55 Hz

Mechanical Data:
Tot. travel -- 0.1576" 0.01" (4.0 .2mm)
Peak force -- 2.0 oz .5 oz (55 12 grams)

Electrical Data:
Max. input power -- +5 Vdc .25 V @ 100 mA max.

Package Dimensions:
Height: 2 inches
Length: 19 inches
Depth: 8 inches
Weight: 2.3 pounds

Product Dimensions:
Height -- 1.59 inches
Length -- 18.12 inches
needs and we will contact you about a custom solution. Click here

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