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Folding Keyboard with Stickers, US Style


Better Than Printed Keyboards ! The Letters On Our Keyboards with Stickers Are Guaranteed To Never Wear Off !

Language Keyboards include:
1. Alphanumeric Keys in the Language and Layout of your choice
2. Command & Function and Numberpad Keys in International Symbols or in one of 5 languages (English, French, German, Italian or Spanish).

Folding Keyboard with Stickers, US Style

We use standard keyboards and re-label the keys with our high-quality Keyboard Stickers.

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Keyboard Features:

Connection: PS/2 (USB Adapter Available)

Platform: Win 95/98/XP

Ordinary keyboards have nooks and crannies that can collect biologics, bacteria and viruses. Our keyboards are hermetically sealed and immersible in any common disinfectant! No key crevices or interior pockets. Simply plug in to replace your standard keyboard. These low-profile keyboard can be rolled up for travel. Flatten profile eliminates unwanted negative keyboard angle.

Package Dimensions: 18.2 x 5.95 x .5”

Water resistant and washable.
Flexible and foldable for easy portability.
Low profile keys are soft to the touch
and extremely quiet.
107-Key Layout
Membrane Key Switches
Keyboard Weight: .0485 lbs.
Compatible with Windows 98 and above (USB models)
Available in White or Blue with USB Connector

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