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Keyboards Covers


Keyboard Covers Clean, Simple, Efficient

CONSTRUCTION -- Our flexible molded urethane Keyboard Cover is fitted with our cast vinyl Keyboard Stickers to produce a durable product with printing that will never wear off.

FLEXIBILITY -- Allow users to change languages in seconds without permanently altering the original keys.

* Keyboard Covers come in ORANGE only.

view Single Language layouts

view Bilingual layouts

Keyboard Cover using the default sticker color
Default colors: Orange Keyboard Cover with Orange stickers and black print.
Here we also see International Command and Function and Keypad Stickers in Apricot.

Keyboard Covers can be used with International Symbols Command & Function Stickers to create a highly diverse keyboard system.

MODELS -- Standard keyboard and laptop versions are available. Covers are easily cut apart to fit V-shaped ergonomic keyboards.

Keyboard Covers fit Ergonomic Keyboards
Easily trimmed to fit
ergonomic or split-keyboard styles

COMPATIBILITY -- Works with the language software of your operating system. For languages not supported by Microsoft, we include custom keyboard drivers for Microsoft Windows XP/2000/98/95 operating systems.

Keyboard Cover
click for larger image

Desktop or Laptop Covers

Single Language  $19.95
Add items to your Shopping Cart    Desktop Style
   Laptop Style

Bilingual  $22.95
Add items to your Shopping Cart    Desktop Style
   Laptop Style

Large Print  $25.95
Add items to your Shopping Cart    Desktop Style
   Laptop Style

Blank  $10.95
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   Laptop Style

Desktop Model Keyboard Cover
Desktop Model

Laptop Model Keyboard Cover
Laptop or Portable Computer Model

CUSTOMIZATION -- If you want something other than what we offer here, tell us about your needs and we will contact you about a custom solution. click here

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